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The Edgewood staff is committed to seeing God's Kingdom come and unite a broken world to himself. For His glory and our good.


Hal Farnsworth

Hal Farnsworth is Founder of Edgewood Ministries. Hal is former Senior Minister at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Athens, Georgia. Before he planted Redeemer in 1996, he was a campus minister with Reformed University Fellowship (PCA) at Vanderbilt and Mississippi State University.

Besides pastoring Redeemer for almost 26 years and serving as campus minister for 11 years, Hal has trained church planters in the US and Africa. Hal has also been involved with training RUF campus ministers. In 2003, he founded Downtown Ministries, an outreach to the marginalized in Athens, GA. In 2014 Downtown Academy was created as a continuing ministry of Downtown Ministries.

In addition, Hal has been a guest lecturer in evangelism at RTS Charlotte, and a guest speaker at various conferences over his many years in ministry.

Hal is married to Mary Beth Chandler Farnsworth. They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. He lives with Mary Beth in Athens, Ga.

Executive Director

Tim Kay

After twenty years in pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America, Tim and Andrea Kay joined the African Bible Colleges (ABC) staff team in 2015 where they served until 2023. Now they are delighted to be serving the people of Africa through Edgewood Ministries and The 18.26 Network.
Tim came to faith in Christ as a young child. Andrea did not grow up in the church but became a Christian during her time as a student at Auburn University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. Following her conversion, Andrea immediately had a sense of call to ministry. She has participated in mission projects in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania and Ukraine), South America (Peru), and in Africa (Uganda).
After graduating from Belhaven College in 1989, Tim spent two years on the staff of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). He then attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, where he and Andrea met and were married. After seminary Tim was Assistant Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, AL for 5 years, and then Associate Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta for 14 years. Tim and Andrea both always had a heart for global missions, but it was not until 2012 that they first visited Africa through a ministry to at-risk children in Uganda called Sixty Feet. They returned to Uganda in 2013 for Tim to teach at African Bible University in Kampala.
In his role as Executive Director of Edgewood Ministries, Tim is using his over 30 years of ministry experience in the US and in Africa to equip pastors and ministry leaders in Uganda and across East Africa. The four primary areas of focus for Edgewood’s work in Africa are: pastor training, church planting, university campus ministry, and economic development.
The Kays are also very excited to now be a part of the 18.26 Network serving as the regional leadership couple for Sub-Saharan Africa.
Tim and Andrea have three adult daughters: Hannah, Rachel, and Maggie and live in Athens, GA, but regularly make trips to East Africa.

Solomon Okello

I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic Church family, it was a routine that we go to Church every Saturday for penitence and Sundays for mass. Even then, I struggled with the reality of unforgiveness; after penitence I would remember other sins I have forgotten to confess, and I would feel a huge weight of sin and emptiness within, condemnation that I was not good enough. This kept going on and on, the more I think of my sinfulness, my life became depressed, and my behaviors and habit degenerated. I met the Lord Jesus Christ in 2006 when I was invited by a family relative to a Christian evening fellowship. I heard the gospel very clearly; I was convicted of my sinfulness, and I heard the voice of the Savior calling me “come to me and find rest for your soul” and I knew that was my message. I instantly trusted Jesus Christ and discovered that a huge load was lifted off my shoulders. To date, I am “not struggling to be free, but I am free to struggle” because Jesus Christ set me free.

I joined college (Makerere University Business Schools) the same year I was converted, it was from college that I was discipled and grew tremendously through Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS). There I was taught the Bible, Christian life and Ministry; I started getting involved in hospital and prison ministries and I came to conscious awareness of my call to the gospel and Christian service. After college, I joined a local Church in Lira Northern Uganda where I became an Assistant Pastor and later an Associate Pastor.

It was from the initial stage of my Pastoral and Ministry work that the Lord opened my eyes to see my own inadequacy and need for theological education that would prepare me for effective Church service and kingdom work. Then I joined and was trained from African Bible University where I graduated with BA Biblical Studies with Education. While undertaking studies at African Bible University, I felt a conviction to reformed theology and I knew this is what the Church in Northern Uganda and Africa needs.

Since then, the Lord united me with Tim Kay and Hal Farnsworth, men whose lives are about the Church and the Kingdom of God with unique love and focus to train Pastors and leaders for Northern Uganda who will eventually impact the Africa and the world with Reformed theology and economic development.
I am married to Joan, with four children (Three boys; Jonathan, Jabeth and Solomon Jnr and One girl; Deborah). We live in Lira City, Northern Uganda.

Ezra Kwizera

Ezra Eugene Kwizera was born and raised in a Christian household. His father, who was a pastor, used to make him and his siblings read the Bible, pray, and memorize biblical verses. In 2012, Ezra embraced the Reformed Doctrines of Grace, the Five Solas, and the Westminster Confession of Faith. A year later, he joined the University of Rwanda and did Engineering. At the university, he made it his ambition to spread the Reformed Doctrines all over the campus, whereby he worked with his fellow students and significantly influenced their lives. His influence saw hundreds of students embracing the Reformed Teachings, which resulted in the plantation of a reformed church in Kigali by Ezra and his two friends (Audifax and Emmanuel), and Ezra was an interim teaching elder.

Ezra graduated from the University of Rwanda in 2017 with a degree in Engineering. Later in 2021, he received a Master of Divinity from the African Reformation Theological Seminary (ARTS) in Kampala/Uganda. In September 2022, Ezra met Alyssa; they fell in love and are now married. They love reading, which is a significant part of their lives.

Training Coordinator

Jeremiah Ocen

Rev. Jeremiah Ocen, Edgewood Ministries Training Coordinator (and Third Mill’s Country Director for Uganda)

Jeremiah, the newest member of our staff, is married to Susan and is the Senior Pastor of New Creations Church in Lira, Uganda. He has a diploma in Christian service from Africa Theological Centre and diploma from the Third Mill Institute. His ministry focuses are preaching, theological training and community outreach. Jeremiah is passionate about: preaching Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God, and carrying out theological training through Third mill institute materials. He is committed to making an impact in the lives of pastors and church leaders in Northern Uganda and the entire country.

RUF Intern at Makerere University

Alyssa Kwizera

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